Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Collection of blood from tail vein of rat


After administering a drug in rat, pharmacokinetic study may be required without sacrificing the animal. In that case blood may be collected from tail vein.

Materials required

Iodine tincture, alcohol 75%, sterilized operating knife, micropipette with microtips, microcentrifuge and microcentrifuge tubes (0.5ml capacity).


  • Drug solution and in situ gel (equvalent to 15mg drug) is injected i.m. into the right musculus rectus of the rat.
  • After administering the drug to the rats (intra muscularly, per oral or intra peritoneally) briefly,  the  tested  animal  is put  in  a  body  restrainer.  The tail  of  the  rat  is warmed  by an  incandescent  lamp  in  order  to make  the  blood  fill  the  tail  vein.  
  • The  tail  is cleaned  by  iodine tincture  and  75%  alcohol  before  it  is cut  by  a sterilized  operating knife.  The  cut  is near  the  end  of  the  rat  tail.  In  order  to  make blood  flow  out  of  the  tail  vein,  a  moderate  pressure  on  the  tail  is applied  by  the  thumb  of  the  operator.
  • Subsequently,  0.5  ml  blood is collected at each interval. The  blood  samples  are immediately  centrifuged  at  5000  rpm  for  10  min.  The  separated  plasma  sample  is collected  and  frozen  at  - 400C  before  being  analyzed  by  HPLC.  The plasma  samples are collected  at  0.25,  0.5,  0.75,  1,  3,  6,  9,  12,  15,  18, 21,  24,  27,  and  30  days, respectively.


  • Xin, C., Lihong, W., Qiuyuan, L., Hongzhuo, L., 2014. Injectable long-term control-released in situ gels of hydrochloric thiothixene for the treatment of schizophrenia: Preparation, in vitro and in vivo evaluation. International Journal of Pharmaceutics 469, 23–30.

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